Build Your SEO Reseller Agency with These 6 Tips

SEO is one of the most popular digital marketing services and is also the most profitable. As a result, the demand for SEO services is high, so you can charge a premium price and retain clients. However, building an agency takes time and dedication, but this guide will help you avoid that situation by providing seven tips for building your SEO reseller agency.

Start by defining your target market.

To start, you’ll want to understand the problem you’re solving and define the solution. Why? You need to know what your target market wants and how to deliver it. By understanding this, you can set goals to reach your end goal.

To do this, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are my clients? What problem is my agency solving for them? How can I choose my clients?
  • What is their age range, gender, location and interests? Do they have any special needs or requirements that they must meet to succeed with our services (e.g., English language proficiency)?

Get to know how the agency and reseller model works:

You need to know how the agency and reseller model works. While there are many different types of agencies, most make their money by charging a percentage of sales made through your company’s products or services.

If you’re not familiar with the agency model, it works like this:

  • A business (the agency) will offer its services to other businesses.
  • The business that is offering services to others is known as a reseller.

With this model, there are two types of resellers: one that sells SEO services and one that doesn’t. Furthermore, if they sell SEO services, you can categorize them into two types: those who work with clients directly and those who don’t.

Make sure you have a solid understanding of SEO.

You can only build an SEO reseller agency if you understand what SEO is. Because you’ll be offering your services to other businesses and helping them with their SEO, you must know what you’re doing. You should also know that you must help your clients in any way possible.

Create a professional website for your agency.

A good SEO reseller site aims to build credibility and establish your agency as trustworthy. You want to provide visitors with all the information they need before they decide whether or not they want to work with you, including:

  • who you are and what services you provide
  • details on how you can help them achieve their goals
  • why they should choose your company over any other competitor (and why they shouldn’t wait around long enough that someone else has gotten their business instead)

Consider joining a white-label provider program.

White-label provider programs are a great way to build your own SEO reseller company. These programs provide everything you need to get started, from the tools and systems to provide services to the support of a larger company that will be there for you should something go wrong.

If you’ve decided on a white-label provider, consider joining their program before jumping in with both feet. Here’s why:

  • You can use their systems and services as your own without having to start over from scratch
  • You’ll have access to other resellers who can provide advice on how best to grow your business

Be wary of pricing that seems too good to be true.

Once you’ve identified a business opportunity, be wary of pricing that seems too good to be true. A low price may signal the offer is illegitimate or not worth the value it promises. Ask for references and do your research on the source of the offer.

If they have a proven track record with other resellers, this information should be easy to find on their website or in their marketing materials. If so, consider how that might affect your decision-making process: does this company’s reputation align with what your customers expect from you?


Hence, the earlier tips can help you better understand what it takes if you’re looking to start your SEO reseller agency. Not only is this an exciting opportunity, but it can also be very lucrative! The more research you do upfront and the more thoughtfulness you put into each step, the more likely you will succeed.

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