How Startups in Mumbai are Leveraging Business Analytics to accelerate growth

Remaining ahead of market trends is essential for long-term success and sustainable development in today’s fast-paced company environment. By changing your approach to take advantage of these changes, you may provide your company a competitive advantage and create new business prospects. This section will look at a variety of viewpoints and thoughts on how to recognise and take advantage of the most recent market trendsyou’re your startup.

Numerous successful business analysis course demonstrate that making choices using data-driven analytics leads to growth. Because today’s markets are becoming more complicated, firms need to analyse millions of data points every day to make over a hundred judgements. These days, decision-making is greatly influenced by technology in many different ways. It improves and streamlines the procedures that lead to prompt decisions, which raises their market shares and competitiveness.

Main Applications:

Here are a few frequent topics that have shown effective application in the new big data era.

Targeting and Acquiring Customers:

Selecting the appropriate message for a prospective client at each stage of their customer journey is one of the largest challenges facing marketing teams worldwide. Digital technology can provide the necessary data by aggregating client information. Effective consumer targeting is made possible by the comprehensive insights about customer behaviour that are provided by user interactions, transactions, and historical data.


Moreover, social media platforms complement one other to generate 360-degree user profiles. Targeting and segmenting may be done using aggregated user data. For instance, Tribal Fusion, which is now known as Exponential Inc., was searching for a way to implement audience targeting that was more individualised. Ad technology platforms that functioned at the site level to comprehend the context of the page and user inclinations to provide advertising that maximised conversion provided the solution they were looking for.


Businesses may now store, retrieve, and analyse data in real time for a variety of purposes, including financial transactions and consumer activity logging. Visualisation tools examine these data points and display the information in an understandable manner, mostly for the purpose of spotting patterns, which are essential for practical understanding. It may be used to more accurate planning, forecasting, and business monitoring.

One such example is Snapdeal, which offers 12 million goods across 800+ categories from over 100,000 companies. Enthusiasts of big data and analytics, they used real-time data analysis across all of their platforms to identify important trends. They were able to recognise the effects of product distribution and inventory over the holiday season, which is crucial for accelerating delivery times. Crucial choices like product placement on the main page, targeted marketing, aided purchase for older age groups, etc. were affected by the findings. Snapdeal supplied its sellers and brands with information on anticipated volumes based on the demand projection, which aided in maintaining necessary stock levels. This turned out to be the main cause of the satisfaction of the client.

Machine learning for Customized Service:

Every company communicates with its clients via phone, email, chat, mobile, online, in-person sales, and so on. Every one of these channels gathers information that contributes to the development of a thorough consumer profile, enabling companies to customise the user experience. E-commerce sites use user browsing data to boost sales and profits via personalised marketing and product suggestions made throughout the buying process. Recommendations should be integrated throughout the whole buying process, from product browsing to checkout, since this enhances user experience and fosters customer loyalty.

It also helps e-commerce portals maximise revenue by encouraging cross-selling of other items. By doing sentiment analysis on user reviews and ratings, natural language processing and machine learning methods may be used to give unbiased user feedback regarding the goods and services that users have used. This aids companies in comprehending client expectations and effectively resolving issues that clients encounter while using their goods and services. In all markets and sectors, the customer experience is improved by personalised services.


  • To identify the most popular musicians, peak hours, and mass user preferences in India, Wynk, for example, analysed millions of data points to assess song content and user profiles. Based on user data, this was utilised to construct playlists and recommend certain ones to the user at exact moments.

  • According to the statistics, it is not by accident that a large number of their campaigns target visitors in the evening. One excellent prospective use-case for machine learning is natural language processing. With the help of this technology, Bidassist reads more than 5,000 papers each day and extracts tender data with much higher accuracy and efficiency. This facilitates the matching and recommendation of tenders to organizations—a task that may be trained to be performed by machine learning. Additionally, Bidassist is developing data-crunching analytics to provide insights via granted bids.


 The usage of AI and ML in business is growing as these technologies become more prevalent, and chatbots are among the applications that are using them. The way companies engage with their consumers is being revolutionised by chatbots. Conversation commerce—a practice where companies use AI-powered chatbots to interact with customers—has begun to gain traction.

Additionally, businesses are starting to employ chatbots to finish and automate activities related to various business operations. Leading B2B organisations are now aiming to use chatbots to provide a more “natural” conversational commerce experience, give information on demand, and streamline the process of posting request for quotes (RFQs), reviewing previous orders, and analysing bills, thanks to advancements in machine learning and natural language processing.

Enhanced Customer Service:

By using sophisticated mapping of user profiles, a chatbot may get necessary data from the user’s servers very instantly. Organisations have been using user-accessible digital channels to enhance communication as smartphones and other internet-enabled devices have become more commonplace. This has resulted in increased engagement and cooperation with the target audience and business partners. This offers top-notch, customer-focused suggestions that help improve how businesses provide their goods and services. Prosperous enterprises have consistently shown how well-informed choices based on data-driven insights have enhanced and optimised company outcomes on pertinent measures.

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